How stressed are your staff?

Stressed employees may make poor decisions, and suffer adverse health consequences.

Some stress is unavoidable, but recent amendments to health and safety legislation puts the onus on employers to identify and eliminate the avoidable sources of stress at work.

Managing stress in the Workplace

Identify the sources of stress

Stress management in the workplace requires a two pronged approach. First to identify and minimise the sources of stress. The work environment itself may be stressful, but other factors, especially relationships with colleagues and managers, play a part, together with work demands and personal perceptions.

Performance Group uses confidential surveys to pinpoint sources of stress and their severity. Reports include recommendations on how to eliminate or minimise avoidable stressors.

Dealing with stress

In reality some sources of stress are unavoidable. Some work environments are more hazardous and uncomfortable than others. Someone has to deal with difficult customers. Staff are often affected in different ways by stress, and may not realise why they feel and act the way they do. Performance Group's testing process enables staff to understand their unique reactions to stress, and helps them to develop the coping strategies they need to prevent stressful situations from harming them.

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