Lack of focus?

Inadequate productivity?

Common causes:
  • Unclear expectations.
  • Inadequate feedback
  • Consequences out of balance

    What messages does your performance management system send?

  • Performance Management Systems
    Research consistently shows a high level of scepticism from staff towards their performance appraisal system. The vast majority see no benefit and no clear link to the organisation's goals. This is because most performance management systems do not address the key factors that influence individual performance.

    Given adequate resources and skill levels, these are:

    Clear Expectations

    Individuals must know clearly what is expected:

    • in their job - accurate, up to date job descriptions, describing accountabilities, tasks and measures
    • their particular objectives, linked to organisational goals,
    • the values and competencies expected of all staff
    • capabilities specific to their role
    Clear, consistent messages through well defined measurable expectations are a powerful tool for change. Quickly achieve dramatic results

    Dynamic Feedback

    Staff need to know how they are doing - regular feedback, formal and informal. They need to give managers feedback on barriers to achieving expected results, and any support they need. Without this communication people operate in a vacuum, they feel disconnected and under valued.

    Just rewards - Consequences in Balance

    Research shows that money per se is less important as a motivating factor than opportunity and work/life balance. Yet the consequence for many top performers is to be given even more to do. Appraisal systems often fail to accurately distinguish levels of performance and actually demotivate your best staff.

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